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The Discriminating Character We Love

            Everyone who has seen HBO’s Entourage can relate to the character of Ari Gold, if it’s by his passion of dominating everything, his uncensored aggressive thoughts and language, or by his I don’t give a shit attitude.  Entourage has many iconic characters, but by far Ari Gold is the hands down favorite, and most controversial. What makes this loud talking, swearing, discriminator the most popular character on the show?  Well, 
believe it's  Ari Gold’s philosophy to say what he wants when he wants, and that’s what many people wish they could do.  The reason for Ari’s iconic popularity, instead his public demise over his personality, stems from his characteristics of being brutally honest, his never ending push for his dream, and is undying loyalty to his friends.
            I’m sure everyone who is familiar with the show knows how Ari belittles his assistant Lloyd on a constant basis, displaying his humorous homophobic slurs, and racial discriminating jokes.  Though everyone who watches thinks that that’s just the character personality of Ari, and it’s just a television show, I believe it’s his personality characteristics that draws us into the show and makes us connect with the character.  Since we were kids we have been told to speak our minds, but we all know that sometimes we have to put a lid on what we think, and say.  Ari has no filter on the show he says what he wants, and that’s the most compelling attribute of the show.  No matter how disrespectful he may be to other characters, we are still fascinated with the him.
            Ari is probably the most brutally honest character on television.  Brutal Honesty is defined as tactless, hurtful, candid openness completely disregarding another’s feelings, hopes, dream, or desires (Urban dictionary, 1999-2014).  Ari displays this characteristic on a regular basis throughout the series.  One of his most notable times being brutality honest, is when he wants to hire his friend Andrew.  Ari’s partner Bab’s doesn’t think Andrew has what it takes to be in the business, so she declines his employment.  What Ari does next can be considered extremely sexist, but it is a television show, so ladies don’t jump down my throat for it.  Ari goes to a conference for powerful women in Hollywood, where Bab’s is receiving an award for their company, as she is one of the most powerful females in Hollywood.  Ari storms in and this is what he says.   (Ari talking to Babs and the women at the conference):  “She went out and found herself a man to partner up with and look what she made of herself!  Cheers to you, Babs, and to all of you out there who have saddled up to powerful men to stand in our way”.  Babs reply: “Ari I want an apology. Now.”  Ari returns with: Sorry Ladies, I’d like to congratulate each and every one of you, but Barbara’s cock is all I can handle right now (tvfanatic, 2008).”  As seen in this dialogue Ari is not scared to be brutality honest when it comes to things concerning his life.  I know this example is hypothetical, and what Ari did was completely wrong, and in real life that would never fly, but never less it’s this brutal honesty that makes us love this character.  Ari does exactly what we were taught as kids, and that is to speak our minds, and say what we believe no matter the outcome.  
            The characteristic of Ari that most people should relate to and envy is his knowledge that nothing is given to you, you have to work for everything you want in your life.  In today’s television society we are always seeing shows about spoiled people, who have not worked for anything they have.  Ari is a prime example of someone who knows exactly what he wants and won’t stop and wait around for it to come to him.  In one pivotal scene between Ari, his wife, and their therapist he lets you know how dedicated he is to being successful at what he does.  Ari is confronted about always being busy, and while he is in therapy is phone won’t stop ringing and when his wife confronts him about always working, she tries to take his phone, and he replies with, “ You can have it if you want to live in Agora fucking hills, and go to group therapy, but if you want a Beverly Hills mansion, a country club membership, and nine weeks a year in a Tuscan villa, then I’m gonna need to take a call when it comes in at noon on a motherfucking Wednesday (Cuffin, 2013).” It’s this do whatever it takes to be successful attitude that keeps viewers intrigued by this morally degenerate character.  Through this characteristic Ari portrays that no dream is too big, and if you want to be the best at what you do, you have to pursue it no matter what.
            The last characteristic that Ari portrays is his undying loyalty to his friends.  Entourage revolves around the premise of friendship, and how that holds a huge position in someone’s life.  Ari might fight with and make derogatory jokes towards all of the characters in the show, but at the end of it all he is still a great friend.  After Vince fires Ari for not delivering on a project he wanted, and Vince goes to new representation, Ari still tries to make sure his friend gets the best deal even though he doesn’t work with him anymore.  Ari always tries to make his friends feel like they are important in his life, and he would do anything for them.  Ari doesn’t let his own emotions get in the way of friendships, and he doesn’t allow his friends to fail in their personal affairs.   That is a trait that many people can relate to, and should strive for. 
            People watching Entourage might just see Ari has a disgusting male figure, who uses excessive language, and racial slurs to undermine people who he considers beneath him.  The fact is he is much more than that.  Ari is a prime example of what people should strive for in their life, which is being honest no matter what (brutality honest if necessary), never excepting failure, if you have a dream push for your dream no matter what, and always be a loyal friend.
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